Hybrid ESS System

Hybrid ESS system

Features of hybrid ESS system

  • Hybrid ESS system with uninterruptible functionality added to existing ESS system
    Demand management operation + critical load uninterruptible power supply
Evaluation itemLoad typeGeneral ESSHybrid ESS

In case of a short-term power outage

Essential load


Semi-essential loadPower outageUninterruptible (emergency power supply mode)
  • Excellent power supply quality
  • After the load is supplied, the remaining electricity is stored in the storage battery.
  • Battery discharge when solar power generation is impossible or when electricity consumption is at peak.
  • Case in Japan
    • Simultaneously applied to commercial, industrial, and home use to solve power shortage

Operation mode

Demand management operation

  • Reduces electricity cost by charging storage batteries during light load times when the power rate is low and discharging during maximum load times or peak load.
  • Supplies power to the grid and load side during the peak load and grid peak load.
  • High-quality, stable power supply to the load side at all times

Operation during grid outages

  • Disconnects the grid discharge circuit and supplies uninterrupted power to essential load.