Fire prevention ESS system

Fire prevention and reinforced fire extinguishing type ESS system

System overview

ESS system with preventing fire caused by battery abnormality and reinforced fire extinguishing function and internal uninterruptible function in PCS that stores commercial power and renewable energy at economical cost, and uses it when necessary.

Fire prevention featuresPrevention of fire by detecting battery electrolyte off-gas
Fire prevention and extinguishing functionsESS function has additional UPS function that supplies power to essential load in case of power failure
Hybrid PCSProvides a 3-step correction function that is resistant to poor fire environments such as mountainous areas and beaches.
Integrated safety solutionAnti-diffusion and fire extinguishing pads are installed on the battery module.
Dealing with harsh environmentsSmart diagnosis and 3-step emergency stop procedure by adopting an electrolyte off-gas(EOG) sensor for ESS management
Economical safety detectionVarious sensor module signals are transmitted directly to the PMS, eliminating the need for midway monitoring devices

System Configuration

Fire prevention and fire extinguishing measures (patented technology)

  • Prevents fire in advance by first detecting gas through the exhaust gas (EOG) sensor and then emergency stop of the PCS through the PMS before fire breaks out.
  • Fire prevention facillity in the module put out fire and prevents fire spread in case of fire.

Fire prevention and extinguishing mechanism

Change in temperature and amount of generated gas over time

Sensor sensitivity by exhaust gas