Energy control technology

Energy regeneration control technology

Energy regeneration control technology with ‘energy saving load test’ function

General load test method

  • Install a resistive load, consume energy all as heat loss.
  • It requires 110% electrical energy including losses from AC input power.

'Energy saving load test' technology (obtained patent and New Excellent Technology(NET), first commercialization in Korea)

  • By controlling the AC circulation power, the AC output is circulated back to the input side and reused without using a resistive load.
  • Only 10% electrical energy from AC input power is required, which is self-loss .

Applicable fields

  • UPS operation test under 100% load without additional equipment at the installed site
  • UPS 100% load operation test while it is in actual operation (e.g. for 100 kVA capacity under 50% load, operation test is on the remaining 50%)