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Leading the ever-developing technology for the past 30 years, we aim to take another leap forward in line with 21st century digital era based on our expertise we have shown in the domestic IVR(Induction Voltage Regulator) and rectifier industry.

We established a leading position in the domestic ESS & UPS technology with Korea's first DIGITAL UPS patent and NEP(New Excellent Product) & NET(New Excellent Technology) for the first time in the industry.

We will not settle for the domestic market, but will pioneer the global market with world-class technology, competitive prices, and the best services. We hope that it will be an opportunity for you to grow and develop together with our original technology in POWER industry.

CEO Seongjo Kim


Main Products

Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS)

  • 100% ALL IGBT Digital control
  • Highest production performance in Korea
  • Parallel operation (up to 10 units)
  • High efficiency regenerative control operation

Energy Storage System(ESS)

  • Hybrid type(ESS+UPS)
  • Power Conversion System(PCS)
  • Power Management System(PMS)
  • Solar power available

Rectifier / Charger

  • High capacity for industrial use (copper refining, for electrolysis)
  • For plating
  • For exchangers and other DC power equipment

Automatic Voltage Regulator / Induction Voltage Regulator

  • IVR TYPE, Electronic Tab TYPE
  • We produce and supply the highest Capacity (20MVA) in Korea

Transformer type

  • Dry transformer (H type)
  • Other control transformers